Recap of Basket League round 11!


The biggest surprise of 11th round came from Pylaia, where PAOK gave a big lesson to Olympiacos, permitting to Panathinaikos to increase difference between them and second place, occupied by Lavrio too. After a huge comeback during last minutes Promitheas Patras back to victory against AEK, while Aris, Rethymno and Kymis move respective ranking.

No contest at OAKA where Panathinaikos kept seasonal unbeaten after large victory against Koroivos. Already after ten minutes Pascual’s team clarifies the game (24-12 at end of 1st quarter), that practically was closed at halftime (45-29) in order to made the second half pure formality.

With a fantastic performance, leaded by uncontainable Phil Goss, PAOK won against Olympiacos, at their third seasonal defeat in Esake Basket League, and catch Promitheas at 4th position. The first period of locals was almost perfect, with Goss and Charalampopoulos on fire, and opponents in huge difficulties. After 29-18 at end of 1st period, Olympiacos tried to cut the gap, but a very bad percentage behind the arc didn’t permit the recover and distance, at halftime, was unchanged (44-33) and also during third period situtation didn’t changed, with guests everytime around 10-14 points distant all the time, with a three pointer buzzer beater by Goss that gave +16 (57-41) at the end of 30th minute. During last quarter Olympiacos found some three pointers with Spanoulis and Wiltjer, but they never been able to back over 9 points difference, with Goss and Krubally that, from the line, closed definitively the game.

Good victory for Lavrio at Larisas-Faros home for keep the 3rd position and consolidate their play offs ambitions. Papantoniou, Bader and Mouratos permitted a good start for locals (25-22 at end of 1st quarter), but Moore, Nixon and Kouzeloglou gave the first positive partial score to Lavrio (27-34 at 13’), despite Larisas-Faros kept the advantage at halftime (43-39) and until half of thirs period (56-50). Guests tie the game at end of 3rd period (62-62) and, with huge performance by Gray and Wiggins, run away until 66-80 at 35’ for conquer the victory, despite some risks during last minutes, when Larisas tried a desperate comeback, touching 4 points distance (80-84) at 42 seconds to end.

Ten consecutive points by Nikos Gikas during last four minutes permitted to Promitheas Patras a huge comeback for victory against AEK and interrupt a series of three consecutive defeats. Dragan Sakota’s team lead the game practically for entire duration until 36th minute, thanks to positive performances by Harris and Dusan Sakota (16-19; 37-42; 49-55 partial scores of first three periods), touching largest advantage during thirs period (43-55 at 29’) and keeping 11 points at six minutes to end (51-62). But a three pointer made by Faye and a lay up by Milosevic opened a partial score of 16-2, with Gikas on fire, and Promitheas gained three points advantage at one minute to end (67-64). Sakota cut the distance but, after mistakes by Gikas and Green, Milosevic scored the decisive lay up at 9 seconds to end, with Harris who missed the last three pointer for tie.

An impressive performance of Lefteris Bochoridis (27 points scored), permit at Aris to conquer a not easy win in Nea Smyrni against Panionios. After a good start by local (14-2 after 5 minutes), Giannakis’ team, slowly, cut the difference, closing down by 4 (21-17) the first period, but during second ten minutes, a partial score of 21-30 permit to them to overtake and close at halftime up by 5 (42-47). Henderson, Sarikopoulos and Sakellariou push Panionios during third quarter (53-49 at 23’), but Bochoridis, Prewitt and Vasilopoulos gave again advantage to Aris, but a three pointer buzzer beater by Diplaros permit to Panionios to overtake at end of 3rd quarter (67-66). Game remained point by point until five minutes to end, when Bochoridis, Maras and Mourtos made the decisive partial score (75-83 at 1’30” to end), despite Diallo and McNealy tried desperately to keep opened the game (81-83 at 39 seconds to end), rejected by four consecutive free throws made by Bell.

For ending two overtime’s victory for Rethymno Cretan Kings at Trikala home and for Kymis against Kolossos Rhodes. The biggest news at Trikala was the back of Sofoklis Schortsianitis after almost two years of absence but, of course, he will be time for fix his physical condition. The Cretans had a good start, with Moodie, Armstead and Goodwin (17-23 at 10’), but after largest distance at beginning of second period of 14 points (14-33) localsc with Slaftsakis and Lountzis, close the distance at halftime (40-41) and game remained point by point until 40th minute with Trikala that wasted 8 points advantage at 32’ (59-51), risking a lot at the end of regulations, when Christodoulou performed a 2 points lay up with foul, but missed the free throw for win. At overtime 10 consecutive points by Moode gave to Cretans the important victory useful to remain inside play off’s area.

Very important victory for Kymis that gained distance from last two places of ranking. Game was point by point practically for all duration (18-19, 35-39, 60-59 partials score of first three periods) with Kolosso that, after a long pursuit, tied the game at 18 seconds to end with a three pointers made by Harris. Kymis had last shot and Manolopoulos scored from behind the arc, but his shot was after final buzzer for a couple of tenths of a second. The overtime followed same script of regulation, balance and uncertainty, and crucial for Kymis victory was six consecutive free throws made by Lenzelle Smith, taking advantage of mistakes by Jones and Ware.

Next week end at OAKA will be played the big match AEK-Panathinaikos, with Greens that want to have revenge of Greek Cup semifinals defeat and, anycase, will be a very important test. Olympiacos will receive at SEF Larisas Faros, while Lavrio-Promitheas Patras will be a very interesting match for top half of ranking. Not easy home game for Rethymno Cretan Kings against Aris, while PAOK-Panionios and Koroivos-Kymis close the program of 12th round.

Ranking after round 11

01 Panathinaikos 11-0
02 Olympiacos 8-3
03 Lavrio 8-3
04 Promitheas Patras 7-4
05 PAOK 7-4
06 AEK 6-5
07 Kolossos Rhodes 5-6
08 Rethymno Cretan Kings 5-6
09 Aris 5-6
10 Larisas Faros 4-7
11 Koroivos 4-7
12 Kymis 4-7
13 Trikala 2-9
14 Panionios 1-10

Next round (12th)

Saturday 13/01 h. 16.30
Kolossos-Rhodes-Aries Trikala
PAOK-Panionios Lavrio-Promitheas Patras h. 18.30

Sunday 14/01
Rethymno Cretan Kings-Aris h. 15.30
AEK-Panathinaikos h. 16.30
Olympiacos-Larisas/Faros h. 19.00