For not lose a huge talent...


As every manager said at those time, on the 2014 summer Panathinaikos signed one of the most greek talented players with a multi years contract, in order to look the future and follow a precise policy: build a futuristic team full of greek players.

Lefteris Bochoridis was considered one of the best young point guard of Europe and, with Dimitris Diamantidis still inside the team, he had a huge occasion to grow up and learn all secrets from a super star. And with Mitsos he have a lot of common physicals and technicals skills, starting from height of 1.96 cm and left handed players. So all was perfect to build and grow up, without pressures and hurry, a huge talent in order to guarantee a bright future to Panathinaikos and Greece National Team too.

Despite he was just 20 when he arrived in Athens, Bochoridis had already a couple of season with major team at Aris, with good minutes and statistics, in addition with presences and trophies with youth national teams.

Of course the first season with Panathinaikos was useful for Bochoridis to grow up, improve from Mitsos during all training sessions, but at the same he had possibilities to have minutes, especially in Esake League, and show all his potential for riaffirm the following season, the last of Diamantidis. And all was ready for the explosion for high levels but on 23 September 2015, during a pre season match against Partizan Belgrade for celebrations for Alvertis, Bodiroga, Diamantidis, Fotsis and Vrankovic, the worst thing possible happened: fibula fracture and more of three months of stop.

And, during the period of maximum growth, was the worst news possible for Bochoridis because, despite he back on January 2016, practically he lost entire season because, phisiologically, for complete recover more time is necessary, especially for confidence of player, and time for gave minutes to him wasn’t so much.

But all of this seems locked Bochoridis, especially in his mind with loss of confidence and minutes, game by game, decreased until no play at all for long time. And, at 23 years, it’s normal that he want to play for recover all confidence possible (because talent and skills are not questionable) and a meeting in a middle way with Panathinaikos was necessary in order to discuss of respective needs and find a solution. The best one was to back at Aris until end of 2017/2018 season for try to reaffirm his huge talent with minutes, confidence and responsabilities. Maybe, why not, also to re-embrace him with green jersey in the future.

So…good luck Bocho!