Euroleague, recap round 11!


CSKA Moscow and Olympiacos kept leadership of standing also after 11th round, with Fenerbahce, after defeat of Panathinaikos in Lithuania, alone with one victory of distance. Important successes for Khimki Moscow and Maccabi Tel Aviv in order to consolide the place at top half, while Crvena Zvezda left the group at last position.

Not so much difficulties for CSKA Moscow for catch the victory at Brose Bamberg home and keep the leadership. Germans tried for 20 minutes to stay close De Colo and co. , with good performances of Rubit and Wright, but after halftime (39-42) Higgins, De Colo and Clyburn lead russians for first break (59-70 at 30’), closing the game at the beginning of last quarter with a good contribution also of Antonov.

At SEF was necessary the overtime, and 36 free shots against 11, for victory of Olympiacos against Real Madrid, able to comeback from -13 (60-47) at beginning of last quarter. Sfairopoulos team have a very good start (18-8 at 10’) but spanish had a good reaction during second quarter (34-30 at halftime) before collapse again (56-47 at 30’), with Olympiacos that seem in totally control of the game. But Doncic and Carroll disagreed and slowly, point by point, Real Madrid comeback until tie with a three pointer of USA guard at 12 seconds to end (72-72). But referees gave a further chance to Olympiacos, calling a doubt foul to Printezis, but 0/2 of greek forward at 4 seconds to end made overtime necessary. Strelnieks and Printezis lead the locals, but game was decided by a technical foul called to coach Laso at 1’11” to end of overtime and Olympiacos catch a very controversial victory, with huge differential at free shots that made very angry Real Madrid: but at SEF this is not a news.

After a bad start, especially in defensive phase (22-28 at 10’), Fenerbahce restored the normality during second quarter (10-17 partial score of period) and catch the victory at Barcelona home, remaining alone at third position of the ranking. Obradovic team made the decisive break during third quarter, thanks to Sloukas, Vesely and Nunally and, after closing with 13 points advantage the period (51-64), control the game until final buzzer without difficulties.

Partial score of 33-14 during third quarter, substantially, decided the victory of Zalgiris Kaunas against Panathinaikos, despite a very good start of Calathes and co. (10-20 at end of 1st quarter) and, after maximum advantage for lithuanians at the end of 3rd quarter (64-47), a comeback close to realise when Pappas and Rivers, with some three pointers, reopened the situation until -5 (76-71 at 2’21” to end). Zalgiris avoid the traps and catch the victory thanks to Davies and Micic from the line.

Thriller home victory for Maccabi Tel Aviv against Valencia in a very spectacular and uncertain match until the final buzzer. Thomas, Parakhouski and Jackson lead israelians during first quarter (25-21 at 10’), but Erick Green permit to Valencia to stay touch with an impressive second quarter (13 points scored), until the tie at halftime (46-46). Maccabi back leader and touch 9 points advantage at beginning of third period, but spanish didn’t give up (65-61 at 30’), even if Spahja team seem close the game at 56” seconds to end when they lead 92-83. But three pointers of Doornekamp and Van Rossom, with in the middle a two pointer of Will Thomas re opened the match and, after a bloody turnover of Roll, Green missed at the buzzer the shot behind the arc for tie the game.

With an impressive performance of Alexei Shved, Khimki Moscow conquer the victory at Armani Exchange Milano home. Theodore, Tarczewski and Jerrels lead italians for a very good start (24-12 at 10’ and 38-31 at halftime), but Bartzokas team changed totally the situation from third quarter, thanks to his superstar with number 1 jersey, closing, after overtake until 51-55, at the final buzzer just one point down (56-55). Russian run away at the beginning of last quarter (59-66 at 6'18” to end) but Milano tried to re open the match, back until 65-66 with a three pointer of Bertans, but Shved, Honeycutt and Thomas gave to Khimki the decisive partial score of 2-9 for close definitely the situation and catch the victory.

Baskonia catch play off area after home victory with Unicaja Malaga. The impressive start of basques (27-12 at end of 1st), thanks to performances of Beaubois and Timma, seemed that match could have been one way sense, but Waczynski, Nedovic and Brooks lead Malaga comeback (41-36 at halftime and 59-56 at 30’), until tie 64-64 at 6’18” to end. Voigtmann, Shengelia and Timma lead the new advantage of Baskonia, kept until the final buzzer, despite all attempts of Joan Plaza team, surrendered just during last minute.

Thanks to another impressive performance behind the arc (14/28) and leaded by the career high of James Feldeine (29 points), Crvena Zvezda defeat Anadolu Efes for leaving from the group at bottom of the ranking. A very spectacular match, with high score but with serbians leaders practically all the time (29-23 at 10’ and 50-44 at halftime). During third quarter Crvena Zvezda had the first important break, thanks to Lessort, Lazic and Rochestie, run away until 66-51 before close 74-62 at the buzzer. But thise was enough for Crvena Zvezda for conquer the victory, because Anadolu Efes wasn’t able to have a comeback, so last ten minutes didn’t have relevance for final score.

Standing after round 11

01 CSKA Moscow 9-2
02 Olympiacos 9-2
03 Fenerbahce 8-3
04 Maccabi Tel Aviv 7-4
05 Panathinaikos 7-4
06 Khimki Moscow 7-4
07 Zalgiris Kaunas 6-5
08 Real Madrid 5-6
09 Brose Bamberg 5-6
10 Baskonia 5-6
11 Barcelona 4-7
12 Crvena Zvezda 4-7
13 Valencia 3-8
14 Anadolu Efes 3-8
15 Armani Exchange Milano 3-8
16 Malaga 3-8

Next round (12th)

Thursday 14/11

Fenerbahce-Zalgiris Kaunas h. 19.45
Bamberg-Olympiacos h. 21.00
Unicaja Malaga-Khimki Moscow h. 21.00
Real Madrid-Barcelona h. 21.45

Friday 15/11

CSKA Moscow-Maccabi Tel Aviv h. 19.30
Anadolu Efes-Baskonia h. 19.30
Panathinaikos-Armani Exchange Milano h. 21.15
Valencia-Crvena Zvezda h. 21.30