Esake Basket League Recap, Round 15


No particular changements at top half of ranking, with all first five teams victorious. Important step inside play offs area for Kolossos Rhodes, while Koroivos conquered a very huge victory after two overtimes useful to run away, probably definitively, from relegation area.

Panathinaikos kept the unbeaten in regular season with a large victory at PAOK home running away from third quarter, after a balanced game at first half (25-20 at 10’ and 38-42 at halftime), above all thanks to good performance by Gabriel (56-68 at 30’) and closing definitively the situation at five minutes to end. Olympiacos needed a 28-12 partial score during last quarter for defeat a Kymis who lead the game for first thirty minutes. MacFadden and Manolopoulos allowed to visitor to play a very good game, keeping opened the game until nine minutes to end (21-25 at 10’; 46-46 at halftime and 65-66 at 30’ partials score of first three period), when Wiltjer, Milutinov and Roberts made the 12-0 decisive partial score from 70-70 which, substantially, closed the competion, with differential between two teams absolutely untrue for what shown inside field.

Large home victory for Lavrio against Trikala in order to reinforce the solitary third position. Local team, with Verginis, Wiggins and Meier above all, have had high percentages at shot from first period (31-22 at 10’), touching 14 points advantage during second quarter (45-31 at 14’), with opponents that tried to remain inside game (58-44 at halftime) before collapse at third quarter and definitively giving up (91-69 at 30’). Lavrio controlled the game easy scoring the impressive score, without overtimes, of 117 points. Suffered but important away victory for Promitheas Patras at Larisas/Faros home thanks to a 19-28 partial score during last quarter. Game was totally balanced for first twenty minutes, with both teams which played a very pleasant basket, with constant overtakes and the consequence of tie at halftime (45-45 after 25-25 at 10’). Music didn’t change so much at third quarter, but locals made for first an important break, thank to eight consecutive points made by Schaftenaar (57-49 at 25’), quickly cutted by Promitheas with Hall, Faye and Tountziarakis (64-61 at 30’). Game remained balanced until six minutes to end (71-72), when Gikas, Milosevic and Saloustros lead the 0-8 partial score (71-80 at 36’) that substantially decided the final result, because Larisas/Faros wasn’t able to have a reaction and visitors can control the situation unti l final buzzer.

Not so easy home victory for AEK against Aris, which tried to fight until their possibilities, giving up just at last five minutes. Flionis, Mourtos and Bochoridis permitted to Giannakis team a good start (13-18 at 10’), but locals closed immediately the gap and, with a 26-11 partial score, leaded above all by Kavvadas and Barlow, reversed totally the situation during second quarter and AEK had ten points advantage at halftime (39-29). Maras, Poulitanitis and Tsairelis lead Aris reaction during third quarter (48-47 at 27’ and 53-49 at 30’), with game that remained uncertain until 5’09” to end (63-59), when Kavvadas, Green and Larentzakis performed the decisive scoring run for close definitively the game. Important home victory for Kolossos Rhodes against Panionios, useful to remain stable inside play offs area. Likogiannis team lead the game practically from jump ball, with Harris, Bray and Jones good protagonist of first break during first quarter (27-19 at 10’), subsequently helped also by Billis, Ware and Tsalbouris that permitted to touch 16 points advantage at 15’ (42-26), with visitors that despite a good reaction (42-38 at 18’) never gave the feeling to be competitive for the final result. Indeed Kolossos, after back with 10 points up at halftime (50-40), controlled the situation also during second half, keeping constantly advantages in double figure (61-50 at 30’), closing definitively the game at 3’04” to end (68-52).

To conclude the most emotional game of the round, with Koroivos that conquered a very important home victory against Rethymno Cretan Kings after two overtimes. Locals lead the game practically until 1’14” to end of regulation (17-16; 39-32; 60-52 partial scores of first three quarters), when a totally unstoppable Stefan Moody, who scored 44 points at the end of game with impressive percentages (7/14 2 pts; 4/14 3 pts; 18/19 free throws) gave the first advantage overall for Rethymno (71-72) and all emotions began. After some free throw line trips Posley scored the 76-76, with Christodoulou that missed the half court shot. At first overtime a three pointer made by Spyridonidis seem gave the victory to Koroivos (86-82 at 33” to end), but subsequently himself missed both free throws for close definitively the game and Moody, with 4/4 from the line tie again the game at 45’ (86-86) and forced the second overtime, where Rethymno took immediately five points advantage (86-91), but Carson, Hines and Posley gave another tie (95-95) at 1’24” to end. During last minute Daniel scored the 95-97, but Carson gave another overtake for Koroivos (98-97 at 29” to end) and, after a shot missed behind the arc and an unsportsmanlike foul made by Moody , closed, helped also by Posley, definitively the situation behind the free throw line for a very important victory that permit abobe all to take a good advantage from last two positions and, maybe, to have some look for play offs area.

The 16th round will be played from 13 to 15 February, with Panathinaikos that will receive at OAKA Larisas/Faros and Olympiacos that will play at Trikala. Very insidious away game for Lavrio at Thessaloniki against Aris and for AEK at Rethymno Cretan Kings home, with Promitheas Patras that will face Panionios with all favorables predictions. Close the program Kolossos Rhodes-Koroivos and Kymis PAOK.

Ranking after round 15
01 Panathinaikos 15-0
02 Olympiacos 11-4
03 Lavrio 10-5
04 Promitheas Patras 9-6
05 AEK 9-6
06 PAOK 8-7
07 Kolossos Rhodes 8-7
08 Rethymno Cretan Kings 7-8
09 Kymis 6-9
10 Koroivoc 6-9
11 Aris 5-10
12 Larisas/Faros 5-10
13 Trikala 3-12
14 Panionios 3-12

Next round (16th)
Tuesday 13/02
Rethymno Cretan Kings-AEK h. 15.30
Trikala-Olympiacos h. 18.00
Wednesday 14/02 h. 18.00
Panathinaikos-Larisas/Faros (h. 17.00) Promitheas Patras-Panionios Aris-Lavrio Kolossos Rhodes-Koroivos
Thursday 15/02 h. 18.15 Kymis-PAOK