Esake Basket League recap, round 12!


Panathinaikos had the revenge and defeat AEK in order to consolidate the leadership of ranking. Olympiacos and Lavrio share the second position, following by PAOK at just one victory distance. Fight for play off’s begin to be very hard, involving at the moment five teams, while no movements at bottom of ranking.

Remembering the joke at Greek Cup semifinal, Panathinaikos had immediately the right approach to the game and shown all difference against AEK in order to remain undefeat. Calathes confirmed to live a fantastic period and, after gave a first break during first quarter, with points, assists, defence and everything he usually and everytime do (23-32 at end of 1st). After kept the difference during second quarter (39-49 at halftime), number 33 lead the team for the crucial break that substantially closed the game at third buzzer (54-72 at end of 3rd quarter). The only very bad news for Xaxi Pascual is the injury of Matt Lojeski during second quarter that put in anxious Panathinaikos world before hot program of next days.

Lavrio conquered a huge home victory against Promitheas Patras in order to remain in second place with Olympiacos. Guests had a good start with Hall, Tountziarakis and Gikas (18-25 at 10’), keeping seven points advantage until 16’ (33-40), but Nixon, Wiggins and Gray lead a partial score of 15-3 for overtake (48-43 at halftime) and, with also Moore and Meier, made an important break during third quarter (72-59 at 30’) that Promitheas wasn’t able to recover on last ten minutes.

With the partial score of 27-18 during last period Rethyno Cretan Kings took the home victory against Aris after a very fighting match, in order to stay inside play off’s area. Moody, Giannopoulos and Armstead push locals until 35-24 at 17’, after 17-18 at end of 1st quarter, but Bochoridis, Tsairelis and Bell permit to Giannakis team to remain close at halftime (40-35). Rethymno kept the advantage until 28th minute (53-51) when Prewitt and Maras gave advantage to Aris at the end of 3rd period (53-55). Game remained point by point until 42 seconds to end (74-73) with Goodwin and Moody in trouble behind the free throws line (1/4), but Aris dind’t took advantage and Armstead was ice than teammates and with 4/4 closed definitively the game.

After two consecutive defeats, large home victory for Kolossos Rhodes against Trikala in a game, substantially, decided after 19-6 partial score during second quarter, made above all by three pointers of Tsalbouris (37-22 at halftime). Second half haven’t had story, with islanders that controlled the game without difficulties, keeping constantly difference between 10-15 points until the final buzzer. Large victory for Kymis at Koroivos home, that with this defeat now entered inside dangerous area of ranking. Manolopoulos, McGhee and co. had a very good start (15-24 at 10’) and substantially match is already decided, because locals weren’t able to made problems to opponents, going down also by 18 (22-40) during second quarter, before a little reaction leaded by Decosey that permitted to enter inside locker rooms for halftime 14 points down (32-46). But Kymis avoid all surprises closing match at beginning of third period (32-54 at 23’) before control without problems until the end.

Next round, the last of first half of regular season, there will be a surprising top ranking game at OAKA between Panathinaikos and Lavrio on Monday 22/01, while Olympiacos will play at Promitheas Patras home on Sunday 21/01. About Saturady 20/01 program PAOK will go to Larisas/Faros home in order to confirm the positive period, while not easy game for AEK at Kymis home. Very interesting match for play off’s fight between Aris and Kolossos Rhodes and, for relegation’s fight, between Trikala and Koroivos. Close the program Panionios-Rethymno Cretan Kings.

Ranking after round 12

01 Panathinaikos 12-0
02 Olympiacos 9-3
03 Lavrio 9-3
04 PAOK 8-4
05 Promitheas Patras 7-5
06 AEK 6-6
07 Kolossos Rhodes 6-6
08 Rethymno Cretan Kings 6-6
09 Aris 5-7
10 Kymis 5-7
11 Larisas Faros 4-8
12 Koroivoc 4-8
13 Trikala 2-10
14 Panionios 1-11
Next round (13th)

Saturday 20/01 h. 16.30
Aris-Kolossos Rhodes
Panionios-Rethymno Cretan Kings
Trikala-Koroivos (h. 18.30)

Sunday 21/01 h. 17.00
Promitheas Patras-Olympiacos h. 17.00

Monday 22/02 h. 19.00